Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Exciting Developments for Creative twinning

We have been a bit quiet on here, but that is because we have been so busy in our Creative Twinning world.

So far in 2013 we have been mentoring students at Central College Nottingham. Debbie, Jayne and Hannah, along with designers Ashi Marwaha, Suet Yi Yip, Gillian Lee Smith and Kit Anderson. 

In June 2013, Debbie Jayne, Hannah, Ashi and Kit exhibited at Eunique Applied Arts Fair in Karlsruhe for the third time and were accompanied by new designers Sam Robinson, Paula Briggs. It was a very successful event again.

The 8 students we mentored, Mandi Chandler (Curriculum Manager at CCN) along with tutors Julian and Steve form the college all visited Karlsruhe, exhibiting work and making links with colleges and designers in the city. They also visited Eunique and the students did an amazing job helping the Creative Twinning Designers set up their stands for the show.

But now onto the second half of the year. We will again be mentoring students at Central College Nottingham in the next academic year - we will be doing a shout out for new mentors very soon.

We also have amazing things happening in October, with another International excursion but we will keep you in suspense and just say keep the 10th October 2013 free! We will working with Cheryl and Carrie from Broadway in Nottingham on a very special event.