About Creative Twinning

Creative Twinning sought to facilitate the exchange of new ideas, spark collaborations and provide opportunities for designers from different places to come together. 

Creative Twinning began life in 2010 as a project for three Nottingham based designers- Debbie Bryan, Jayne Childs and Hannah Lobley. It  developed into a small organisation which aims to facilitate the exchange of sustainable and creative ideas between designers in Nottingham and beyond.

Debbie Bryan, Jayne Childs and Hannah Lobley. Image by Sara Gaynor

Creative Twinning has been developing links between designers on a local, regional and international level since 2011. Over that time we have been involved in opportunities in Karlsruhe, Germany and New York, more locally Nottingham and in the county of Nottinghamshire. 

We worked with over 50 U.K. based designers and creative students and 12 outside the U.K. We exhibited in New York and five times in Karlsruhe. Designers brought together by Creative Twinning have collaborated on award winning designs, exhibited together and created new work.

As partners, our own creative practices have been enriched by our own Twinning experiences. We have developed new work in response to international visits, influenced  by designers with whom we have worked. However, due to the increase in our individual workloads, Creative Twinning is no longer able to accept new projects and now this journey has come to an end. 

We began Creative Twinning to establish links with designers outside our home city of Nottingham and to expand our horizons beyond the U.K. So although we are sad to bring our Creative Twinning activities to an end, we are immensely proud of what we have achieved. The friendships we have made will last a lifetime and the influence on us will inform our creativity for years to come. 

Thank you for your support and friendship!