Monday, 16 September 2013

Creative Twinning, CT meet New York, NY!

Thanks to support from Design Factory, THE organisation for UK Designer/Makers, in mid October we're off to New York with four other amazing designers, Katie Almond, Stuart Akroyd, Phiona Richards and Gizella Warburton. In addition, we are  showcasing alongside 12 UK based and 12 US based designers at the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan. Find out more about them by visiting our People page.

At it's heart, the trip is a trade research mission to discover what the US market holds for UK makers, to meet potential buyers and network with local designers. We'll all be there for at least 5 days, and hope to return laden with contacts and opportunities over the pond! I'd be lying if I said there won't be any shopping but for me (Jayne) a highlight will be a stroll along The High Line, a landscaped park built on an old overground freight line through the heart of the city. It looks amazing!

On Thursday 10th October we'll be taking part in a 'Global Craft Conversation' which will take the form of a live video link between Nottingham/ New York/ Karlsruhe (hopefully)! We'll be talking about creating our own opportunities and how these very different cities make that possible. The Nottingham leg of the 'Global Craft Conversation' is being hosted by Broadway Projector, spaces are strictly limited so email Carrie Blake to book a place

All the threads are coming together and plans we've been making for over 12 months are now reality. Thank goodness for understanding partners and families, we're on the road again!

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